Institute of Computer Science
University Freiburg

WCB 07: Workshop on Constraint Based Methods for Bioinformatics

Schedule WCB07 - September, 13th

Location: Computer Science Department, University Porto

9.00-9.10 Welcome
9.10-9.50 Constraint-based simulation of biological systems described by Molecular Interaction Maps.
Luca Bortolussi, Simone Fonda, Alberto Policriti
9.50-10.30 The Density Constraint.
Alessandro Dal Palu, Agostino Dovier, Enrico Pontelli
10.30-11.00 Coffee break
11.00-11.40 Module identification using biological constraints.
Elisabetta De Maria, Marco Zantoni, Agostino Dovier, Alberto Policriti
11.40-12.20 Analyzing Biological Data Time Series in Constraint-LTL.
Francois Fages, Aurelien Rizk
12.30-14.30 Lunch
14.30-15.10 Elucidating Transient Protein Interactions with Multiple Dockings.
Ludwig Krippahl, Pedro Barahona
15.10-15.50 Constraint-Based Analysis of Gene Deletion in a Metabolic Network.
Abdelhalim Larhlimi, Alexander Bockmayr
15.50-16.30 Mendelian Error Detection in Complex Pedigrees Using Weighted Constraint Satisfaction Techniques.
Marti Sanchez, Simon de Givry, Thomas Schiex
16.30-17.00 Coffee break
17.00-18.00 Discussion