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Courses SS21

V+Ü: Bioinformatics II (en)
Rolf Backofen, F. Eggenhofer, D. Yusuf, M. Miladi
Exercise support: R. Gelhausen, D. Rabsch, A. Karavaeva
Lecture - Tue 10-12
Exercises - Wed 14:00-16:00
V+Ü: Machine Learning in Life Sciences (en)
Lecturers - Rolf Backofen, A. Khanteymoori
Lecture - Wed 10:00-12:00
Tutors - S. Mautner, P. Videm, F. Heyl, A. Mitrofanov
Exercises - Thu 14:00-16:00
Initial Meeting: Thu 22.04.21 13:00
P: Praktikum am Lehrstuhl Bioinformatik (en)
Lecturers - Rolf Backofen, A. Erxleben, Galaxy Team
Practical Course - Mo 14-18
Initial Meeting: Mo 26.04.21 14:00
S: Proseminar Introduction to Bioinformatics (en)
Lecturers - Rolf Backofen, B. Grüning, C. Gallardo
Block course
Initial Meeting: Thu 22.04.21 14:00
S: Seminar Machine Learning in Bioinformatics (en)
Lecturers - Rolf Backofen, V. Tran, A. Khanteymoori
Block Course
Initial Meeting: Wed 28.04.21 10:30
S: Oberseminar Bioinformatik (en)
Lecturers - Rolf Backofen, O. Alkhnbashi
Thu 10-12 (to be announced)