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Dates and locations of the joint Bioinformatics Journal Club of Uni Freiburg and MPI of Immunobiology and Epigenetics in 2013/14.



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Journal Club

Date Location Time Speaker Paper
26.09. Uni 10:00 Martin Mann Reisen et al. Reaction-MQL: line notation for functional transformation. J Chem Inf Model, 2009
07.11. Uni 10:00 Friederike Dündar Cancelled.
21.11. Uni 10:00 Patrick Wright Quorum sensing in bacteria
05.12. MPI 10:00 Sarah Diehl HLA typing from RNA-Seq sequence reads. Boegel et al. Genome Med, 2012
09.01. Uni 10:00 Steffen Heyne A quality control system for profiles obtained by ChIP sequencing. Mendoza-Parra et al. NAR, 2013
23.01. Uni 10:00 Milad Miladi Performance comparison of structure prediction tools for aligned RNA sequences: (1) (2) (3)
06.02. MPI 10:00 Thomas Manke Predicting the molecular complexity of sequencing libraries. Daley & Smith. Nat Meth, 2013
20.02. Uni 10:00 Robert Kleinkauf The emerging role of triple helices in RNA biology. Conrad. WRNA, 2014
06.03. Uni 10:00 Björn Grüning TBA
20.03. MPI 10:00 Fidel Ramirez Chromosome- scale scaffolding of de novo genome assemblies based on chromatin interactions. Burton et al. Nat Biotech, 2013
03.04. Uni 10:00 Friederike Dündar Master transcription factors and mediator establish super-enhancers at key cell identity genes. Whyte et al. Cell, 2013
24.04. Uni 10:00 Daniel Maticzka Molecular biology: A second layer of information in RNA. Ramos & Laederach. Nature, 2014
08.05. MPI 10:00 Fabian Kilpert A comparison of methods for differential expression analysis of RNA-seq data. Soneson & Delorenzi. BMC Bioinformatics, 2013
22.05. MPI 10:00 Pavan Videm Sailfish enables alignment-free isoform quantification from RNA-seq reads using lightweight algorithms. Patro et al. Nat Biotech, 2014
05.06. Uni 10:00 Andreas Richter Enriched domain detector: a program for detection of wide genomic enrichment domains robust against local variations. Lund et al. NAR, 2014
26.06. MPI 10:00 Barbara Hummel Single-cell RNA-seq reveals dynamic, random monoallelic gene expression in mammalian cells. Deng et al. Science, 2014
03.07. Uni 10:00 Omer Alkhnbashi Orthogonal Cas9 proteins for RNA-guided gene regulation and editing. Esvelt et al. Nat Methods, 2013
17.07. Uni 10:00 Christina Otto Chain-RNA: a comparative ncRNA search tool based on the two-dimensional chain algorithm. Lei et al. IEEE/ACM Trans Comput Biol Bioinform, 2013
31.07. MPI 10:00 Kousik Kundu Toward better understanding of artifacts in variant calling from high-coverage samples. Li. Bioinformatics, 2014