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antaRNA - Terrain Initialization

General Setup

For each sequence position, potentially four characters can be adopted into the
sequence during an assemble process of antaRNA. To provide for the this, the
four RNA nucleotide characters are modeled as vertices at position i within a terrain graph,
on which the ants will walk and will assemble a sequence accordingly.


Initially, each vertex at position j = i+1 is reachable from any vertex, which
is present at position i. Each edge represents 'pheromonic' and 'GC specific' information.
The 'pheromonic' part is contributed by the ants themselfs and i initializes
with a pheromone value per edge of 1. The GC specific information is modeled as
the terrain nature itself.


A fully connected terrain graph resembles all indices of the sequence positions.
Additionally a start vertex is modeled.


Robert Kleinkauf 05/2015