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CRISPRleader - An efficient tool to determining CRISPR leader boundaries


CRISPRleader takes a complete genome or draft genome as input and selects all possible CRISPR arrays in the correct orientation, and annotates the CRISPR leader boundaries.


  • Omer S. Alkhnbashi, Shiraz A. Shah, Roger A. Garrett, Sita J. Saunders, Fabrizio Costa, Rolf Backofen.
    Characterizing leader sequences of CRISPR loci . Bioinformatics, 32(17) i576-i585, 2016.
  • Download

    Latest Release: CRISPRleader1.0.3.tar (September 2016)

    Older release is available by request.

    Multiple sequence alignments for archaeal and bacterial clusters MSA.1.0.2.tar

    Installation and Usage

    Instructions on installation and usage can be found with file "README.txt" included with CRISPRleader.


    For any questions or issues concerning CRISPRleader please write an email to: email as png