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CPSP - Constraint-based Protein Structure Prediction

This document provides reference information about the Constraint-based Protein Structure Prediction Approach of Rolf Backofen and Sebastian Will.

Version 2.3.1

The goal

This C++ programming library provides fast and easy extensible implementation of the constraint-based approach of Rolf Backofen and Sebastian Will to predict proven optimal structures of simplified 3D-lattice proteins in the HP-model.

Furthermore it will collect additional tools related to this.

CPSP Library Features

  • A set of tools for direct 3D-lattice HP-model concerning tasks
  • Full library implementation of the CPSP approach of R. Backofen and S. Will
  • Interfacing classes to access H-core databases
  • Complete API for all classes etc.

Included Tools in 2.3.1


The CPSP depends on the following libraries:

Additionally, the documentation also features the following parts:

The following lists and indices are available

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