Institute of Computer Science
University Freiburg

Lecture: Introduction to data driven life sciences


Anika Erxleben, Bérénice Batut, Björn Grüning, Mehmet Tekman, Wolfgang Maier, Stephan Flemming, Alireza Khanteymoori, Rolf Backofen


Joachim Wolff, Anup Kumar, Simon Bray


Topic and Objectives

In biological and medical research big data analysis is urgently needed for understanding the information that is encoded in the molecules of life. Many diseases, such as cancer, are caused by aberrations in those molecules. In this lecture you will learn the theoretical biological and bioinformatics background and techniques for generation and analysis of high-throughput data in life sciences.
This module has 6 ECTS credit points (180 hours of workload) for students of the technical faculty. The written or oral exam will take place after the lecture series.


The lecture is hosted in SR 00 007 building 106.


No. But the lectures and exercises Bioinformatics I & II from Prof Backofen would be very beneficial and give a good basic knowledge about background algorithms etc.


Date Topic Exercise
22.10.2019 Introduction to biological data analysis 30.10.2019
29.10.2019 Introduction to sequencing 06.11.2019
05.11.2019 Introduction to big data analysis in bioinformatics 13.11.2019
12.11.2019 HTS related algorithms and read mapping I 20.11.2019
19.11.2019 HTS related algorithms and read mapping II 27.11.2019
26.11.2019 Assembly I 04.12.2019
03.12.2019 Assembly II 11.12.2019
10.12.2019 RNA-Seq I 18.12.2019
17.12.2019 RNA-Seq II 08.01.2020
07.01.2020 Variant calling 15.01.2020
14.01.2020 Epigenetics 22.01.2020
21.01.2020 ChIP-Seq 29.01.2020
28.01.2020 Single cell RNA-Seq: Introduction 05.02.2020
04.02.2020 Single cell RNA-Seq: Methods and Machine Learning 12.02.2020
11.02.2020 Microbiomics 19.02.2020

Additional Information and Material

Lecture slides and exercise sheets